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Sportspickr is the #1 Fantasy Sportsbook!

Stop picking lineups. Pick lines.

Sportspickr is a unique fantasy sportsbook league that combines the excitement of a Las Vegas sportsbook and the fun of a typical fantasy sports league. Pick moneylines, point spreads, and over/unders from over 20 college and professional sports leagues. When your pick wins, you win points based on the odds of your pick and your opponent loses those points - so you get action on both your picks and the other side of your opponent's picks.

What is a Fantasy Sportsbook League?

  • Your opponent is your sportsbook and you are your opponent's sportsbook. The net winner wins the week.
  • Each team picks sides using latest odds for upcoming games.
  • Teams win points when their picks win or their opponent's picks lose.
  • Points are determined by odds. If your +150 pick wins, you win 15 points and your opponent loses 15 points. If it loses, you lose 10 points to your opponent wins 10 points.
  • Score your league by total points or weekly head-to-head matchup results. Standings are provided for each.
  • Start with as few as two teams and add new teams anytime.
  • Opponents rotate every week.
  • Custom standings filter allows you to have daily, weekly, monthly, or any custom date range winner.
  • Sportspickr is for entertainment only. Sportspickr does not take or pay out bets or prizes or support exchange of payments between users.

What to pick?

  • Pick from games in over 20 leagues including NFL, NBA, NCAAF, NCAAB, NHL, Soccer, MMA, and many more.
  • Pick latest Vegas point spreads, over/unders, and moneylines.
  • Pick game odds for all events and, depending on the game/sport, you will also be able to pick by quarter, half, and first five innings.
  • Select a parlay with multiple picks for a higher payout if all your picks win.
  • Select a teaser to move lines and increase odds of winning.

Track results

  • Watch the scoreboard to see pick results and how many points you win or lose.
  • Scores are updated in-game and most games are settled within minutes of completion.
  • The scoreboard allows you to customize your view to show how your team is doing and how rest of league is doing with their picks.
  • Want to do a deep dive on your league's picks? Export your entire league pick history to find an edge.
  • Publicly share your standings and scoreboard so your friends can track how well you are doing.

Customize league

  • As an admin/owner of league you have over 15 customization options for how your league will function.
  • Example settings: Sports to pick, default points to risk, weekly points to risk each game, max number of games allowed in single parlay, prevent opponents from making same picks, and many more.
  • All settings can be changed at anytime.
  • Tweak settings week-to-week to find what works for your league.
  • Accounts can belong to multiple leagues so you partipcate in as much action as you like.

Pick and track results on the go

  • Download Sportspickr's free mobile app to make picks and watch scores on the go.
  • Receive mobile alerts when picks settle.
  • Pick games to receive mobile alerts when lines move.